Weekly Ads for Restored Timbers

Report for the week of Jan 10-16

The Facebook remarketing campaign saw a decrease in reach and link clicks yet the cost per link click decreased.  Conversions remained the same.  There were three boosted posts which resulted in an increase in reach, link clicks and engagement as these metrics are what the goal of the boosted post which is what the algorithm optimizes for. The cost per link clicks  and cost per engagement was significantly lower than the cost per message started.  Your current Facebook balance is $243.11.  The google search campaign saw a decrease in impressions, clicks and conversions while the cost per click and cost per conversion increased.  The RLSA campaign saw an increase in impressions yet a decrease in clicks and conversions.  The cost per click and cost per conversion both increased.  There was no email sent.

Issues Identified:

Both Facebook and Google remarketing campaigns are limited by budget.

Decrease in messages started for Boosted Post.


Select “Get more messages” as the goal for the boosted post.

Consider allowing Sumy Designs to create the boosted post to ensure correct objective is selected.

Ensure exclusion of remarketing audience when boosting posts.

Use “local audience” when wanting to target people near your business.

Increase or reallocate budget for both Facebook and google remarketing campaigns.

Continue to monitor, optimize, update sales, and report.

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