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Area Rugs (free with table set)

free area rugs (available 5X7 OR 8X10)

Serenity SRH03 Ivory Beige

Serenity SRH03 Ivory Grey Blue

Serenity SRH04 Blue Ivory

Serenity SRH04 Grey Ivory

Serenity SRH04 Mocha Ivory

Serenity SRH05 Grey Ivory

Serenity SRH05 Ivory Cream

Serenity SRH05 Ivory

Serenity SRH05 Light Grey

Serenity SRH05 Mocha Ivory

Serenity SRH06 Ivory Grey


Serenity SRH06 Ivory

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All of our tables are made using solid reclaimed wood. The boards are salvaged from old homes, barns and various other types of buildings. Batches of wood from our American Collection have come buildings like an old whiskey distillery and a denim factory.

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