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Farmhouse Collection

Farmhouse Collection Now $500 Off!

The Farmhouse Collection is our line of hand-made farm tables. Table tops are offered in 2″ thick reclaimed wood. These tables are cleaner and more consistent in color, texture and appearance than our other collections.

This collection is available with company board leaves. These leaves are 15″ each and can be purchased as a set of 2 or just one. They attached on the ends of the table and need to stored separately when not in use.

If you want a farmhouse style table, but not extremely rustic, this collection is for you. 

Farmhouse Collection Now $500 Off!

The Rustic Timber Collection is our line of very rustic hand-made farm tables. These table tops are offered in
approximately 2″ thick reclaimed wood.

reasons to consider the farmhouse collection

Cleaner and more consistent coloring and character makes the Farmhouse Collection popular for customers are looking for a solid wood farm table, but aren’t ready to make the leap to some of our more rustic table tops.

Solid reclaimed wood construction, with no veneers or particle board. This helps the tables wear better and are easy to maintain. The everyday nicks and dings are easily touched up with a furniture marker. These just add to the saw marks, variations in color and texture that are already there in your table top.

Environmentally friendly! The wood used for these tables is reclaimed from old buildings of various types. The wood is then re-milled and re-purposed to make furniture. No new trees are cut down, reducing our impact on the environment.

Timeless style. These tables are very classic in style and design. The sets themselves are very neutral and can fit with your style as it evolves over time. Change an area rug, get some new place mats. Decorate around your set to make it fit in with any style.

Easy maintenance. These table tops are sealed against spills. Just wipe your table down with a damp sponge to clean. Use a little dish soap and water when needed, no heavy detergents like lysol wipes or and products with bleach.

Quality and affordablity. These tables are packaged with the chairs, right now with an incredible $500 discount. Plus your set includes area free area rug of your choice!

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