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Guarantee of Quality

These pieces of indoor solid wooden yesteryear furniture is made of high quality timbers, bench built timber, using only reclaimed and recycled woods, to create a genuine old world charm wood products. The overall finish is created by hand rubbing high performance oils to create a genuine aged patina.

The environment in which this product is placed interacts with the wood and in some cases a slight movement of the wood can occur. This product is designed and constructed in a manner by which it will accept this natural occurrence without damage.
Evidence of the wood movement may show as small surface cracks, displaying the lighter color of the wood. This can be rectified with a furniture marker.

This product should not be subjected to long periods of direct sunlight, as fade can occur.

Because of the rustic nature of our furniture, great care is not required. One of the charming features of reclaimed pine is it will continue to change over time. Your furniture will age with a warm patina that will add to the character of the piece.
Remember, you pay big dollars for antiques that have been carted all over the world and have received countless dents and scratches.

Cherish the small marks that you add to your furniture. We cherish this in our business.