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Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Take care of your beautiful table set

Wood is always moving. This video shows a quick and easy fix if you get some checking in your solid wood furniture. Checking occurs as the wood adjusts to the humidity and moisture in its new environment. These cracks are not structural, but for aesthetic purposes they are easy to fill. We use a tinted caulk to fill the cracks that is easy to apply. Cut the tube of caulk on an angle at the top roughly the size of the crack you are filling. Squeeze the caulk into the crack. Get it in as deep as you can to fill as completely as possible, you may need to use your finger to help push it in a bit. Then take a damp rag and wipe off any excess caulk. Make sure to wipe off completely. It will be dry to the touch in about a half hour. Depending on the size of the crack being filled the caulk can shrink a bit when fully dry. You can go over it a second time if needed. The caulk has flexibility to it, so it can move with the wood over time.

Care and Maintenance

How to clean your Table top

farmhouse collection 45x84 medium brown table top with medium brown wood x legs matching bench and medium brown ladderback chairs - Restored Timbers

To clean your new table top just use a damp sponge when regularly wiping it down. No heavy detergents are needed, do not use disinfecting wipes or anything containing bleach. Dish soap and other mild soaps with water is all that is needed. Do not use anything abrasive when wiping down the table. Soft cloth rags, paper towels, sponges.

All of our table tops are sealed to protect against spills. However, any liquid can eventually leave a mark or cause damage to the finish if left sitting too long without being wiped up.

Wood table tops are most sensitive to heat. Make sure to use trivets for serving dishes and avoid putting anything too hot directly on the wood as this can leave a white cloud in the finish.

One of the advantages of using solid wood over veneers and particle board is that solid wood can always be repaired, touched up or refinished. For the everyday nicks and dings that can happen to your table top it is recommended to use a furniture marker for small touch ups.

Wood changes over time as it continues to age and adjust to its environment. You can see movement around the joints of your table as the wood expands and contracts. Our tables are built to allow for this movement to help prevent things like splitting cracking, warping and cupping, as much as possible. However, all of these features occur naturally in wood. They are not defects and will not affect the structural integrity of your table if they do happen. If some checking happens, filling those cracks is easy with the tinted caulk that Restored Timbers will provide along with a video how to. The caulk is waterproof and maintains a certain amount flexibility to allow it to move with the wood over time. Many of our table tops have already had some checking in the wood that was filled when the table was originally finished. These rustic features are part of the appeal of using reclaimed wood and only enhance the look and feel that our customers are looking for.

Reclaimed wood furniture

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reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is made entirely of solid wood,
with no veneers or pressboard used at all. Most of the features described will become more
pronounced as it acclimates to your home environment.

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