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Why You Should Invest in a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table.

Why You Should Invest in a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table 1 - Restored Timbers

A dining table is a crucial component of any home decor. It’s a centerpiece that combines all other design elements, giving your dining area the vibrant energy you want.

Now, the marketplace is filled with options for your dining table. You’ll find them in home decor and furniture stores at chains and boutiques alike.

It’s an embarrassment of riches, really. Countless modern designers and artisans craft exquisite furniture suited to all manners of taste. Almost too many excellent options exist, making it challenging to choose the ideal one.

However, your dining table decision becomes much easier when you finally find the one that speaks to you. Over the past few years,  more and more homeowners and home decorators have been spoken to by a reclaimed wood dining table.

Below, we’ll explore why you should invest in a reclaimed wood dining table.

Differentiate Your Home’s Aesthetic From The Pack.

The issue with many modern designs and materials is their uniformity. Everything is meant to fit in boxes and color within specific lines. So much decor intends to play a supporting role, blending into the background. Sure, marble, steel, glass, quartz, and even virgin wood dining tables have advantages. Yet, they don’t always stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, a reclaimed wood dining table announces itself prominently. It’s grand. You’re making a statement with such a dining table–but it’s a statement about refined taste. 

While a reclaimed wood dining table stands out among your home’s decor, it also compliments it. It’s not overly flashy or too loud. Instead, it adds a sense of warmth, connectivity, and groundedness, inspiring homeowners’ imaginations with its rich textures and imperfections.

Not one reclaimed wood dining table is the same. Each is one of a kind. Therefore, investing in a reclaimed wood dining table, by its nature, differentiates your dining room from the rest.

Add A Piece Of History To Your Home Decor.

Reclaimed wood is taken from previously-used timber and upcycled into something new. Typically, reclaimed wood is taken from older buildings used beforehand. 

The timber used in reclaimed wood is of superior quality since it’s from “old-growth” trees. These are far denser than the newer wood used in milling since trees grow in thickness, strength, and durability as they age.

Old-growth trees are few and far between these days–almost a thing of the past. The wood is in short supply. So, each piece that can be found and restored (from old barns, industrial structures, homes, etc.) is historical. It’s existed through generations, providing a foundation for and used by families, farmers, businesses, and so on. 

Let’s think more profoundly about having items in your home that have existed for, potentially, nearly or over a century. Each reclaimed wood dining table holds within it a piece of the past. Each contains its own tale,  crafting a rich narrative and sparking a sense of gravitas.

It’s so vital to hold onto pieces of our past. It’s even better when those bits of history are designed elegantly to elevate your home’s interior. 

Achieving the above balance is–by all measures–impossible for most furniture. However, a reclaimed wood dining table isn’t most furniture. It’s taking a bit of the old and turning it into something new, more sturdy than ever, and meant to stand the test of time.

Benefit From Robust Building Material That’s Built To Last.

We’ve discussed this topic briefly, but reclaimed wood’s durability is always worth another mention. The timber in old-growth trees is essentially rock-like in durability–unyielding in its sturdiness. 

Wood yielded from old-growth trees is given time to mature and strengthen to herculean levels.

Since old-growth wood is used in reclaimed wood dining tables, you can count on lasting robustness and durability after investing in one.

So, you don’t have to worry about your reclaimed wood dining table succumbing to wear and tear. It’ll last as long as you want or need it. Once you make the investment, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on a new table a few years later.

Moreover, suppose you decide to move onto a different table, even after a decade-plus of usage. In that case, you can sell your used reclaimed wood dining table via multiple potential platforms at a healthy sum. The material often looks better as it ages, accumulating more character, textures, and dimensions with every scratch and knot. 

On the above note, unlike many pieces of durable furniture–which can be awkward and clunky–reclaimed wood tables are aesthetically pleasing. There’s a deftness about them, enabling them to fit into most dining room settings and providing an eye-pleasing connective tissue for all surrounding decor. 

A reclaimed wood table offers the best of both worlds: strength and beauty. There’s no need to sacrifice your taste because you want something that’ll last.

A Versatile Decor Option.

What’s most advantageous about a reclaimed dining room table is its versatility. Any table you purchase can fit any particular theme or mood you wish to convey.

For instance, you can add one of the tables from Restored Timbers’ America Collection to a modern dining room space. It will blend seamlessly with contemporary tastes, providing a subtly rustic charm to an otherwise sleekly designed area. You can further bolster your rugged-modern hybrid design by incorporating our Reclaimed Wood Cabinets as a bar, hitch, TV stand, or buffet table.

Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a more cozy, homey aesthetic, look no further than our Farmhouse Collection. You’ll find a reclaimed wood dining table so authentic you’ll be convinced your suburban or city home is on a cattle ranch.

Each table can serve multiple aesthetic themes, too. For instance, a barn-style reclaimed wood dining table might appear to fit more seamlessly in a more classical setting. However, a little creativity and coordination could make this rustic piece of decor the focal point of any dining area with a more modern visual motif.

Really, the sky’s the limit with a reclaimed wood dining table. It can remain the bedrock and centerpiece of your dining room even as you redesign and change the style of surrounding decor.

The Are Space-Efficient Options.

Look No Further Than Restored Timbers When Choosing Your Perfect Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Some reclaimed wood dining tables are too big for small dining spaces–it’s unfortunate, but it’s true. 

There’s something inherently grand about reclaimed wood dining tables, so it only makes sense for them to take up lots of space. After all, one of the purposes and appeals of this dining room furniture is to bring many people together–both family and friends. Larger groups have historically gathered around these majestic tables to exchange stories and laughter, creating unforgettable memories.

Still, the above preamble doesn’t mean those with smaller spaces should be robbed of the benefits of a reclaimed wood dining table. Thus, Restored Timbers carries reclaimed wood dining tables with a Butterfly Leaf Extension. You can make this table bigger or smaller, depending on your needs.

Even if you have enough space for a larger wood table, you sometimes don’t require all that size, especially when sharing low-key meals. The Butterfly Leaf Extension lets you shrink your table, offering a more intimate dining experience filled with lively, immersive conversation and good eating.

You Can Finance Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table.

We offer fantastic deals at Restored Timbers. For instance, you can save $500 on our America collection. 

That said, these are challenging times–the cost of living continues to go up. These days, for many families, disposable income is at a premium. Staying financially afloat can be tough for many reasons, from exponential gas prices to steadily rising grocery bills, insurance, and more. 

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have to saddle yourself with anything less than your dream dining room table. You shouldn’t have to waste money on placeholder furniture that’s only taking up space until you get the reclaimed wood dining table you’ve always wanted. 

As such, we offer financing options to help shoulder the burden of upfront expenses. 

You can apply online for Promotional Financing with Synchrony–one of the US’s leading consumer financial service companies–and receive an immediate answer.

The application process is as seamless as credit decisions are fast. You can receive unsecured revolving credit lines with convenient monthly payment options if approved.

Approved applicants will receive a Home Design credit card, with which they’ll make their qualifying purchase. New accounts will have a Purchase APR of 29.99% and a monthly minimum $2 interest charge. 

You Can Finance Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table.

Why You Should Invest in a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Restored Timbers designs and sells high-quality reclaimed wood products with expert craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail. We offer unique historical pieces that inspire your imagination and spark conversation. There’s a rich story in every dining room table we sell, spanning back generations.

Purchasing a reclaimed wood dining table from us means investing in a product built to last due to its durability and timeless aesthetic appeal. Our processes and commitment to providing you with top-tier designs are second to none. Browse through our vast catalog of products today!

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