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Choosing The Perfect Reclaimed Wood Dining Table For Your Home

Choosing The Perfect Reclaimed Wood Dining Table For Your Home.

We live in an era where everything is fast. 

Businesses must move at the speed of light (a notion most homeowners with demanding jobs are far too familiar with). The news cycle offers the latest “earth-shattering” updates seemingly every minute. Trends are born in an instant and vanish soon after. 

What about fast fashion? How many of us buy cheap “stylish” clothing without much thought about its lasting power. After all, something else will be in vogue in a few weeks and can be bought at bargain-basement prices.

Even today’s decor is made with similar notions in mind. 

The manufacturers in question use cheap materials to make “fast furniture” that’s convenient, easy, and built without prioritizing lasting power. 

Much like fast fashion, the idea of fast furniture (the term we’ll adopt for the sake of this article) is that homeowners won’t have a problem replacing a dining table (for instance) not long after buying one. The uninspiring quality and low prices of such decor make it easy to move on without much worry.

That said, fast furniture doesn’t necessarily look bad. In fact, it can look perfectly acceptable and suit the aesthetic of your home. Nonetheless, it lacks timelessness, soul, and a certain charm.

At Restored Timbers, we value lasting power, timelessness, and durability over making something cheap and fast. 

Don’t get us wrong–we appreciate fast furniture’s economical appeal. However, we don’t think cost-efficiency should hamper overall quality. Instead, we seek the ideal middle ground with our reclaimed wood dining table collections. We mix quality, robust sturdiness, and undeniable financial value with our products.

Why Choose A Reclaimed Dining Room Table?

Skilled artisans and craftspeople (aka the individuals responsible for making each reclaimed wood dining table at Restored Timbers) approach their furniture pieces as a vintner plies their trade on a vineyard. 

What do we mean by this analogy?

Specifically, those who craft our reclaimed wood dining tables believe in using materials that age like fine wine.  

Now–we can’t say that all materials improve as they grow older. In fact, most modern mills source timber more akin to an immature wine that’s not had the chance to increase in complexity and richness. Since the trees have been cut before they can grow strong, they’re likelier not to withstand the rigors of time.

However, we source our timber from older barns, buildings, farms, factories, homes, and numerous other structures from around the world. These sources have been around for so long that the timber within is from old-growth forests.

Timber sourced from old-growth forests is much like fine wine–growing in quality with age. While we can’t speak to our wood’s complex flavors, we can indeed tout its robustness and nuanced textures. 

More to the point, old-growth timber is far more durable than its younger counterpart. Case in point (as we’ve already mentioned), we’re sourcing these materials from structures that have stood tall for generations. 

These older buildings aren’t getting taken down because they’re falling over. They’re being removed to make room for other things. Otherwise, they’d stand forever. In short, our tables are made with virtually indestructible wood.

Why Is Old Growth Wood So Durable?

growth wood forrest - Restored Timbers

The longer trees grow, the denser and sturdier they become. They aren’t like people (or other materials). They aren’t hampered by the sands of time. Instead, they’re ostensibly immortal–as long as they aren’t subject to human interference or less-than-ideal environments.

Any towering trees you see in a rainforest–the ones bordering on skyscrapers–are of the old-growth ilk.

When you incorporate that type of wood into a table, the end product is something that’s built to last.

Moreover, you get wood with unique character and imperfections. Every reclaimed wood dining table we sell (regardless of the collection) is entirely one of a kind. It has scratches, knots, dents, and dings that add to its story.

Think about it like this: 

Do you want “just another” piece of fast furniture? Will your dining room benefit from being adorned with mass-produced, artificial decor? Do you want furniture made with cheap materials meant to break down quickly, so you have to buy another model as soon as you bought the last one?

Or, would you prefer a reclaimed dining room table made by expert artisans who put their heart and soul into each piece that will last as long as you need it?

Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Tells Many Different Stories

Our reclaimed wood dining table-making process is sustainable and environmentally friendly. That’s something we’re incredibly proud of at Restored Timbers. We’re reusing old materials instead of wasting new ones–it’s a beautiful thing.

However, the benefits of our construction process go beyond the environment. We mix and match the reclaimed wood. Thus, every piece we design has old-growth timber from a variety of sources.

Think about all the history within each Restored Timbers reclaimed wood dining table. Think of the lives lived and businesses run within the confines of all the buildings and homes built with the wood in our tables. 

This distinction gives each wood dining table we sell a level of character that doesn’t exist in other dining tables. Our wood has seen it all and bolstered civilizations. Before that, it grew in forests for centuries on end. This rich nuance is unparalleled in the dining table space.

Look No Further Than Restored Timbers When Choosing Your Perfect Reclaimed Wood Dining Table.

Look No Further Than Restored Timbers When Choosing Your Perfect Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

You’ve said “no” to fast furniture, but are you going back and forth on the perfect reclaimed wood dining table?

Choosing between our many pieces is going from strength to strength. Like a favorite fine wine, a “perfect” reclaimed wood table from Restored Timbers depends on your unique taste.

Let us make the decision easier for you–peruse our vast catalog of reclaimed wood dining table collections to decide what suits your vision. You can also contact our helpful team, who’ll answer any questions about our exquisite, handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture.

The team at Restored Timbers is passionate about taking your home’s aesthetic to new and exciting places with a dash of timeless history.