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When you hear the word ‘rustic,’ what comes to mind? Earthy colors, natural textures, a touch of history, timelessness, and warmth. Barn wood table ideas? Rustic dinning room table? Farmhouse kitchen table? Reclaimed wood furniture with its rustic charm? Even in an ultra-modern home, rustic furniture can bring unique contrast to your overall decor. 

A rustic table is a perfect centerpiece for your living room, dining room, or garden. There’s nothing better than reclaimed wood for rustic furniture, and we have excellent design ideas for your dining room below. 

But first, let’s look at why reclaimed wood is the best way to go. 

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood for Your Dining Table 

Reclaimed wood comes from many sources, from old houses and barns to shipping crates and pallets. It’s now a big trend in furniture and interiors, not only because of the rustic look and feel but also because recycled wood is a more sustainable option. Here are the main benefits of using reclaimed wood for your rustic dining room table today. 

1. Strength and Durability 

Newly-cut timber is prone to warping and splitting, but old wood is denser and more robust. It is thoroughly dried out and survived the elements over the years. A rustic table made with reclaimed wood will withstand daily use for decades to come, which is excellent news if you have a growing family or love to entertain.  

2. Incredible Character 

Every piece of reclaimed timber is as unique as your fingerprints. One piece may have a rough texture, another may have knots or nails, and another may have paint remnants from its past. These qualities come together to create rustic furniture that is uniquely yours, even if your piece is part of a collection. 

3. Conversation Piece

Your rustic table carries an interesting origin story. Ask your furniture maker about each piece in their collection. You’ll discover stories about the wood age and source, the reclamation process, the craftspeople who design and build the furniture, and much more. These can serve as icebreakers when your guests arrive.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Whenever you choose reclaimed wooden furniture, you reduce the demand for virgin lumber and deforestation. Even better, choose locally-sourced reclaimed furniture to reuse old buildings, barns, and other sources in your area. Good-quality reclaimed wood can last even longer with proper restoration and maintenance. 

Top 6 Rustic Table Ideas for Your Dining Room 

Now for the best part: inspiration for your rustic dining room table. We chose six beautiful rustic table ideas for dining indoors and outdoors. All these designs can be made using reclaimed wood in various sizes, colors, and textures. Let’s dive in!

1. Double Bench Dining Table 

Take a break from your typical dining chairs and go for a rustic dining room table with benches instead. It’s highly functional, space-saving, and downright fun for the kids. Benches can also be slightly cheaper than chairs, depending on how much seating you need. You can also move the benches outdoors if you need extra seating space for your party guests.

2. Rustic Kitchen Island Table

Add more function to your kitchen with an island table, mainly if you have limited space to work with. While a dining table is often the traditional choice, an island table offers more seating and storage options. It also allows you to display your kitchen appliances and features to wow your guests. Add deep drawers to keep extra utensils, and opt for comfortable bar stools as dining chairs.

3. Rustic Outdoor Dining Table

Why not dine outdoors if you have space on your patio or garden? This rustic table is perfect for your alfresco summer dinner party or a quiet breakfast before heading out to work. Combine the reclaimed wood table with a matching bench or rattan dining chairs to complete the look. 

Note: Invest in patio furniture covers to protect your table and seats from the elements.

4. X-Brace Dining Table

It may go by many names, but the distinct X design makes this rustic table a classic. The X-brace dining table makes a statement in your home, especially if you’re going for an antique look. Match it with dining chairs or benches, plus a handwoven rug. 

Note: Choose an X-brace rustic table with a metal pipe beam for support. It makes your dining table more sturdy and serves as a comfortable footrest for little ones whose feet don’t reach the floor.

5. Folding Dining Table

If space is at a premium, choose a rustic dining room table that folds neatly away at the end of your meals. A folding dining table can be square, rectangular, or round, so choose the design that best fits your available storage space. It can also be an extra option if you’re hosting more guests than your regular dining table accommodates. 

6. Hairpin Leg Dining Table

A rustic tabletop on slim hairpin metal legs makes for a contemporary dining table. The sleek legs make this rustic dining room table lightweight and generous with legroom. It’s also easy to move around if you relocate frequently. You can fit any dining chair around this rustic table or have the tabletop custom-designed to fit your exact space at home. 

Bonus: Root Dining Table

If you want a showstopper in your dining room, go for the tree root as the base with a tempered glass top with rounded corners. Clean the glass surface with your regular window cleaner to get rid of fingerprints or stains. 

How to Choose the Perfect Rustic Dining Room Table

A rustic dining room table can be an iconic statement or as minimalistic as you like. There’s a table for every taste and household, but choosing the right one is challenging. Keep these tips in mind to guide your decision.

1. Dining Room Style

Your rustic dining room table should complement the rest of your home’s decor. You can also opt to bring some contrast by mixing rustic with modern. That said, the most popular dining room styles include: 

  • Period styles with distinct designs from 17th, 18th, and 19th-century furniture
  • Country styles with heavy farmhouse dining tables or exposed wood
  • Contemporary styles with straight edges and glass or metal features
  • Scandinavian styles with minimalistic features like slim and angled table legs
  • Industrial styles with plenty of wood and metal features
  • Eclectic styles that mix different looks with your dining table as the centerpiece

2. Dining Table Size

In general, a small dining room typically fits a four-seater dining set. However, you can choose between a square dining room table with a 36 to the 44-inch top or a round dining room table measuring 36 to 48 inches in diameter. If you have plenty of space in your dining room, a rectangular 72-inch rustic table seats six people, and a 96-inch table seats eight people. 

3. Dining Room Size

Maintain at least three feet of space between your rustic dining room table set and the walls and other furniture. This allows for freedom to move your chair, plus clearance for walking around when you’re setting the table.

4. Dining Table Shape

If you have a large dining room, a long, rectangular dining table works well. Go for a round dining table if you have a small space but need more seating. The dining table base is an essential factor, too. For example, a round table with a pedestal base helps you move easily around it. 

Note: A triangular dining table is a clever way to add more seating and save space, especially for a small dining room.

5. Dining Table Color

Rustic furniture comes in various colors because of the different types of wood, paints, and stains. Most rustic tables look dry and aged rather than shiny or polished. You can find a dining room table that’s ash grey, deep red or brown, or even black, or you can choose to keep the natural wood color intact to show off the grain.

6. Dining Table Materials and Finishes

Most rustic furniture is a product of hardwoods like teak, oak, mahogany, or walnut—the more prominent the grain, the more authentic and rustic your dining table is. Add a tempered glass top over your rustic tabletop to make your dining room brighter and protect the reclaimed wood underneath.

7. Dining Room Usage

A simple but sturdy dining table is ideal for daily use for a large family, but make sure it’s made from the most durable materials. If you only use your dining room occasionally, you can go for more decorative features or embellishments. 

8. Dining Chairs

You can buy a rustic dining room table with matching chairs as a complete set, or choose a table design and select the seats you prefer. A popular trend is dining chairs on one side and a bench on the other. But you can also add a unique chair for each family member for an eclectic dining room design.

9. All the Details and Extras

A basic rustic table with a wooden top and four legs is a practical, all-purpose design. But consider details like decorative motifs, refined curves, textured tops, built-in silverware drawers, and much more. These features can add a wow factor to your rustic dining room table.

10. Dining Table Price

The cost of your rustic dining room table depends on several factors like the size of the table, the available materials, the artistry, and market demands. For example, a rustic table may be more affordable if the reclaimed wood comes from local sources. 

On the other hand, rustic furniture can be a luxury if it’s a genuine antique packed with valuable history. You can also splurge on a rustic table for formal dinners, fine dining, and celebrations. It all depends on your budget, taste, and dining needs.

Choose A Rustic Dining Room Table from Restored Timbers Today

Restored Timbers has an excellent collection of rustic table designs for every dining room size. Take your pick from: 

  • The America Collection: custom-built from scratch in America, with a tabletop thickness of 2 inches
  • The Rustic Timber Collection: super-rustic 2-inch or 3-inch tabletops with prominent aging features like uneven edges, black resin fillers, cracks, and nail holes
  • The Butterfly Leaf Collection: two sizes available for space-saving dining room tables: a 4-seater that opens up to seat six or a 6-seater that opens up to seat 10
  • The Farmhouse Collection: Clean, stylish 2-inch tabletops with optional 15-inch detachable leaves to extend the table on either side

All our rustic dining room table designs come from reclaimed wood sourced from old farms, homes, barns, and factories. Each table is 100% unique and 100% solid wood without pressboards or veneers. You can seat anywhere from 4 to 14 people on your Restored Timbers rustic table.

How to Order from Restored Timbers

Buying a rustic dining room table has never been easier. Navigate to any of the Restored Timbers Collections and follow these steps: 

  • Choose your table size from the dropdown menu
  • Choose your tabletop color from medium, dark, or grey
  • Choose your table base style from wooden or steel X-brace, steel A-frame, or Hampton Bay pedestal base
  • Choose your chair frame colors from medium brown, espresso, antique white, rustic natural gray, or linen 
  • Choose your seat option from bare medium brown or rustic natural grey wood, or add a cushion
  • Type the details you’d like for your rustic furniture to customize it to your taste
  • Pay for your order, and your rustic dining room table set will be at your doorstep within six weeks

Note: View our product galleries per collection to see how your rustic table will look, or request photos of our available stock. We can also design a fully custom rustic table from any ideas that inspire you, but delivery will take longer than six weeks. All our products are handmade, so allow us to build the perfect custom table that will last for decades. 

Ready to get started? Get in touch with Restored Timbers today!